Monday, September 17, 2007

bill's back!

okay I'm bummed I just discovered bill maher's new season started on august 24th and I've missed 4 shows! thank goodness for his website and hbo on demand! however given the number of project deadlines I have 'breathing down my neck' and the fact I've been on one extended photo binge for the last 4 days (thanks j) I have a feeling I will be exercising my speed reading skills and will be reading the transcripts posted on bill's website and not tuning into hbo on-demand. I expect to begin watching bill regularly starting this weekend so you can count on more maher moments on the mouse - warning, threat or promise only you dear reader know!

but I have to share this discovery for I think I've found why I love bill maher and france - read me


Colette Amelia said...

Love the France Article and because of it I have a heads up for my Public Health Policy with uninversal medicare compare ourselves with the USA...and that is a good thing? The doctors cry privatize privatize. Will check out one of our founding country's system to be sure.

What do you do? Professional quilter/peace, community activist? Retired? independly wealthy? I am open to all advice.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

am so happy you read it and likewise found it GREAT! glad it could be of use too! excellent. ah 'what do I do'? the 64,000 dollar question. basically I'm a refugee from the rat race...after working for 'the man' for years and years in academia, various non-profits and most recently 15 years in the medical-education-industrial complex I decided to really start listening to my soul and my muses. (yeah, yeah very long story...the short of it I got fed up with dealing with people (in authority) and institutions I didn't respect or felt had 'integrity') for the last few years I've been a 'freelancer' - my motto is 'no job too small' - I don't make as much money as I once did, but happiness is far better than things..I am blessed with a partner of 31 years who is supportive and has a job that provides health benefits. yes I do quilt for others along with myself and provide quilts to others a la in the spirit of 'the quiltmaker' of children's book fame- 'professional' don't know about that? plus, I do a bit of this and that...take pictures, edit, write, research, and am part of 'the village' for various children for various periods - will work for barter, cash, whatever - and will even work of 'an institution' but on my terms - have always had 'issues' with authority figures .... independently wealthy....hardly - don't like to go into that terrain - way too depressing and I flee depressing places! advice is old 'be here now' 'do no harm' 'trust your heart' and follow the golden rule.... live and love!

Dumdad said...

Ah, the wonderful Bill Maher. I recently saw him on YouTube which is the article you're mentioning.

Check it out:

And look out for Sean Penn who can hardly contain himself.

Hardly surprisingly, my French wife enjoyed this as well.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

dd - thanks for the youtube link - version better than the written one. of course now I recollect having seen this when it was on this spring. and thanks for calling my attention to maher on youtube! now anytime I need a hit of bill I know where to go!!

msb said...

He also has his show free for downloading from Itunes as a podcast.