Tuesday, September 18, 2007

at eye level

Every step in the process of taking pictures is a step toward the light, an experience of the holy, an encounter with the god who is at eye level...
Jan Phillips, artist/activist "visionary thought leader"
quote from God is at Eye Level

pictures: monsieur j at eye level; j and I as reflected in the hubcap of johnny cash's bus (which is incidentally open for tours until october 1 at the rock and roll hall of fame and museum, cleveland. september 2007 (lower picture by monsieur j - merci! j's turned out better than mine!)


John Eaton said...

Amen, Kim.

"How high's the hubcap, Kimy, one foot high and risin'."

John :)

Unknown said...

Oh yes, excellent quote! That was a truth well recognised.