Thursday, August 9, 2007

travels with gustave

last night at bookgroup j mentioned that in mid-september one of her friends was going to accompany kermit the frog during his visit to our fair city. since I've had a crush on kermie since well, forever, I volunteered to join the entourage. unfortunately j said that every time she mentions his visit people start clamouring to join kermit's posse. hopefully I made a strong case after all, kermit and I are the same age (well he's actually 2 months older than I am - and we both were born in the south a mere 350 miles apart!) I think we do have a most special connection.

as previously mentioned on the mouse, one thing leads to another and bookgroup soon started talking about the gnome in the marvelous movie Amélie. which of course led me to think about my adventures with a toy giraffe during one of my trips to paris. initially I was taking the giraffe to give to my nephew. every year f gets a few giraffes as advertising gimicks from one of the vendors at work. while f and I were sitting in the airport bar waiting for our connecting flight I opened my backpack and noticed the giraffe. somehow that made us start talking about amélie and her gnome. of course being the 'queen of good ideas' I thought wow wouldn't be fun to take the giraffe around with us and take pictures of it with some of the sights. who knows maybe I could turn it into a children's book. before I gave the giraffe to adam, the giraffe saw the sights of paris. later we named the giraffe gustave in honor of gustave eiffel since from a certain angle the giraffe really looks like his most famous tower.

my sweet f was initially mortified that I kept pulling gustave from my bag to set up a photo. but as we know enthusiasm is contagious, it wasn't long before f and our friends alice & keith were all swept away with the project.

in anticipation of kermit's visit and in tribute to amélie's gnome I present a few pictures from gustave's travels. who knows maybe someone is in need of a little armchair travel and will enjoy the tour!


Ms. Mamma said...

j'adore! That is fabulous. I've always wanted to go to Paris!

msb said...

thanks for this great slide show.

Dumdad said...

What fun!

Unknown said...

We took Flat Stanley to Bali last year. He was always popping out just as we were getting started on the beer!