Tuesday, August 7, 2007

thank you!

what a lovely surprise to come home and find that LM, my amazingly talented and inspirational friend-I've-never met down in the land of oz, has awarded me with a 'thoughtful blogger award' - thank you LM you have made my day (if not month!)

thanks to all my cyberbuds who sent warm birthday wishes to my dad. we had a wonderful family gathering. the slide show was a success, nary a dry eye was to be found - the mix of old photos and the accompanying soundtrack of lena horne (moon river), tony bennett (fly me to the moon), and louis armstrong (blueberry hill) did the trick!

I came home with a trunk load of old slides. if we get snowed in this winter I can start on the task of converting the cream of the crop to digital files (with global climate change one doesn't know what the winter will have in store - I'm expecting I'll be going off on a rant pretty soon about the whole climate change situation and the reluctance of the u.s.a to really get with the program). ms. mamma I love the idea of incorporating some of the old pictures into a family memory quilt. although I haven't yet gotten into doing anything with the photo transfer thing-y I have been intrigued with the process for a while.

by the way, in case you were wondering, heading to the moon is much easier than you might have imagined - turns out it's near beaver!

pictures: 'godspeed,' california, 1956; highway near pittsburgh august, 2007)

special thanks to ll for tweaking the picture of my folks - you are a master!


Dumdad said...

Congrats on award and welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of your parents.They look very happy. Glad the birthday surprise was a hit. What a sweet gift for everyone there.

e. said...

is your lovely daughter aware of your snow day plans?