Tuesday, August 14, 2007

political lobotomy

karl rove has frequently been referred to as 'bush's brain' once he's gone where will that leave mr bush?

can't say that I'm surprised or saddened by the news of rove's impending departure. bush's approval ratings are at an all time low. the heat is on. time to get out of the fire.

source: http://www.hist.umn.edu/~ruggles/Approval.htm

some may say mr. rove's work is done. after all he:

1) orchestrated the largest scam in US history getting W (or dubya) into the presidency - not once but twice! I mean here is dubya, until rove got hold of him his claims to fame were: having george h. w. bush as a daddy; going AWOL with the national guard during the vietnam war; buying an oil company and bringing it to bankruptcy; and finding jesus (effectively clearing him of all youthful indiscretions' - e.g., alcoholism and suspected drug use)

2) is credited with being behind the lie that lead to the US invasion of iraq (weapons of mass destruction)

and then there are the little matters of mr. rove's role in the exposure of a cia operative, his involvement with the fiasco at the justice department, and having a hand in going from a situation where under the clinton administration the national debt was being curtailed to a political and economic environment in which we have both the steepest rise and biggest debt in history. I guess we can't really say these are accomplishments!

adiós karl, will you please take dubya and dick with you?

picture: praying mantis


Anonymous said...

and those are the things that we know about!!! who knows what lasting legacies will come to light as/if this mess is ever cleaned up...

Dumdad said...

And Bush will eventually ride off into the sunset. But who next in the saddle?

Over here, we have Sarko who has been making friends with Bush.

Over in the UK, we've switched Blair for Brown. Or rather they switched - doesn't the public have a say?


(I like the photo)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

the great bertrand russell said:" Politics is largely governed by sententious platitudes which are devoid of truth

Colette Amelia said...

I have been thinking a lot about politics (gee being a political science student and all)...and I have come to the conclusion that we the people are the problem. We either don't care and are apathetic so we allow asses in or we think we know what is best when we don't and in turn won't let the ones who do govern.

I am beginning to think that a benevelent dictator is the thing we are needing at the moment. Just might get a handle on the environment, and have the backbone to stand up against corporate tyranny.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ca - don't know if I'd go with any type of 'dictator' benevolent or otherwise.....who was it that said: when the PEOPLE lead, the leaders will follow? when people realize that joy and happiness come from love and the 'golden rule' and not THINGS then I think we'll be on our way! peace