Saturday, August 25, 2007


It is not what they profess but what they practice that makes them good.
greek proverb

this is the weekend for cleveland's premier greek festival at saints constantine and helen cathedral. although we aren't quite as religious in attending the greek festival as we are attending cleveland's irish festival we are always delighted when our friends who live near the festival invite us over so we can attend en mass. as someone who generally thinks in terms of seasons, this festival is a marker that summer is just about over.

when we arrived at the festival a bit after 8 the weather was what it has been like the last few days - hot and humid - basically horrible. in fact, the weather was so bad on thursday I broke down and turned the a/c on in the studio. I had work to do and I was beginning to worry that stella, the studio cat, was going to fry. to think, I almost made it through an entire year without turning on the a/c . but, in self reflection, it is for the best that I turned the a/c on, just one more thing to get all self-righteous about. self-righteousness definitely one of my many shadow self issues. I'm trying to work on it - I swear!

I digress, back to the issue of 'summer is over' I believe we felt it happen! there we were sitting, sweating and sweltering but having a grand time. a gathering of friends in a throng of noisy, happy people. we were chattering away and with three of the group in bookgroup together our conversation mainly was about the upcoming bookgroup meeting and what books we each planned to suggest - isn't book talk the best? the food was fantastic greek fare (ah the calamari!), there was wonderful music, and thanks to p we even enjoyed a nip of ozo. then at exactly 9:14 we all felt summer leaving as a wonderful dry-COOL wind blew in! OPA!

pictures: top-girls headbands for sale; bottom-Loukoumades (or what we call yummy honey balls or 'fat pills' - fortunately only enough for 1 each in our little party!)

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