Thursday, August 16, 2007

morphing madness

similar to the popular 'women in art' experience I just learned of another wonderful morph. this time it's the faces of women in film that blend and evolve - from the early days with women such as lillian gish, mary pickford, and olivia de haviland right up to the present with the likes of jodi foster, penelope cruz and halle berry. sit back and enjoy!

I just have to exclaim that this whole youtube thing is simply absolutely fabulous! last night after 'bath-time' w/ mademoiselle c and mr. s I went to the computer with the intention of finding the words to the ladybug picnic, which I had been singing to the kids, but couldn't get much past the singing out of the numbers. so I googled 'ladybug picnic' not only did I find the words to the song, but I also found several videos of the song! that of course to spending the next 30 minutes on youtube watching and singing sesame street songs. finallyl papa bear came to my house to take the kiddos home. okay question - is time spent w/ youtube as intellectually suspect as time spent before the 'idiot box'???

thanks dlp for the lead on the film morph!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my husband did that just last week--searched out a bunch of old Sesame Street songs--but funnily enough it was to entertain us, not the kids. The Ladybugs Picnic is my favorite.

jenclair said...

I love these morphing things! Thanks, for sharing.

I have to admit that I'm a YouTube sucker!

Anne Murray's children's songs are some of my favorites-- like the Sesame Street, very friendly and fun.