Tuesday, August 28, 2007

more moon madness

around 7 am this morning after f and I were up for a bit, we were talking about the brightness of the moon. still having a bit of moon fever, I asked f to look out to the west to see if he could find the full moon in the sky. he looked out and informed me that he didn't see it. I replied, 'oh, I guess it already set.' well it had but this is what was occurring at that very time:

thanks keith for drawing my attention to the fact that we had a lunar eclipse this morning. had I been out in olympia with you guys at 3:30 PDT gazing at the moon and doing my moonshadow dance I would have seen it or not seen it!


Dumdad said...

I love these last two posts - but then I would being a Cancerian. And I love the song, of course. Except you've now put it in my mind and I'll have to get it out of my collection and listen to it tonight. No bad thing.

Unknown said...

i didn't see it - but i heard it was fantastic here on the west coast and the best out near hawaii. would've loved to have been there viewing it!

L.M.Noonan said...

We watched it for about two hours here...of course it took place at a more respectable time around 7pm. It was very beutiful.