Friday, August 31, 2007

a coup of sorts....

today (well technically it was yesterday thursday august 30) ms t and I spent most of the day
walking around town running various errands - my principle mission was asking various shops and establishments if I could put a poster for monday's 'peace show' up in their window. overall this mission was most successful - we almost had a 100% 'acceptance rate' - strangely the only place I went which refused my request was the local independently owned 'organic' or 'alternative' market - GO FIGURE!! I can't make it out, other than speculate that I didn't actually do the direct asking of 'the power that be.' the person who asked the person who made the decision was some random employee (read flunkie) I expect since this decision maker didn't actually see MY face, not to mention see my partner on this mission - the adorable ms. t's face (who at two is absolutely adorable and would have anyone agree to anything!) turned down the request probably thinking only 'who is bothering me, I'm having a bad day, screw them!' however disappointment aside, I do feel we did have a postering coup -- the storefront (which is a hair salon) right next to the area's armed forces recruiting center enthusiastically approved of our request. I take great pleasure thinking of our peace show poster being displayed in all of its non-violence glory in the window next to the region's main recruiting office for the military. yes, yes this is immensely satisfying. (unfortunately I did not have my camera with but I did snap a picture with my handy, dandy ever present cell phone.

the area's peace community is holding its sixth annual 'peace show' on monday - weatherwise the forecast is for a stellar day which has me hoping that we break last year's record breaking attendance record. we have a terrific line up of music and activities for children and adults all lined up. the event aims at showing how community building and positive and affirming connections work and make the world go round, aggression and war doesn't! if you are in cleveland on monday afternoon - september 3rd - mosey on down to the FREE stamp - I can guarantee you will have a good time and some serious fun!


Unknown said...

Oh this is brilliant, good on you, Kimy! And as for the gorgeous Ms T I do have to say you probably have a lethal marketing weapon in that regard. Perhaps going back to the organic food market and finding the "power that be" would be a good idea? You'll probably find that when realisation hits he/she will be well miffed to have been "left out" and the "flunkie" will get to have an even worse day.
I wish you all the best for the Peace Day and a record breaking crowd!

lettuce said...

sounds great, i hope its a good day for all.

(btw, love scrabble too - just started playing with my sister via Facebook!)

Colette Amelia said...

What does one say for good luck? Break a leg, somehow doesn't sound peaceful...have a great day!