Monday, July 23, 2007


where to start? what to highlight? we had one of those weekends where all the elements of a perfect summer weekend converge - friends, fabulous weather, fantastic music, and the pure joy that comes spending time in the midst of a gaggle of laughing and playing children.

the weekend got off to a great start on friday when friends who live in north carolina came to visit their 'cleveland tribe' before they head off on their big adventure; in just a few short weeks they will be heading off for new zealand. n found a locums position as a GP in a small town on the north island and n's husband has one of those marvelous IT jobs which can be done anywhere -'why not,' their kids are old enough to enjoy the adventure but young enough where a year abroad won't be disruptive. on saturday we hosted a good ol' fashioned summertime picnic and potluck and n & m and their kids filled up on hugs and good wishes from as many of their cleveland folk as were around. we couldn't have ordered a more perfect day. the way time flies it will seem like no time and we'll be hosting a 'welcome back' party - all the children will be a year older and significantly larger; but children experience the same magic as adults when it comes to friendship. it doesn't matter how much time has passed, when there is a connection it is like you were never apart!

after saying godspeed on sunday morning to our friends, f & I headed off to our favorite local festival - the cleveland irish festival. summertime brings a lot of festivals to our area, but given the non-stop music, access to guinness and boxty, celtic lore, and fantastic people-watching the clevelandl irish festival remains my favorite. this year there were six stages! my festival favorite was back - eileen ivers and immigrant soul. the line up of talent is always amazing and since this was the festival's 25th year, I think the organizers celebrated by pulling out the stops when it came to booking talent. the downside is that we were only able to attend one day, some of the music we heard this year included: the kick-ass celtic rock group the prodigals; the pure and transcendent voice of maura o'connell, and the lilting instrumental pieces of cherish the ladies.

best stage chatter - a new take on an old joke.
"how many irish mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?"
"I'm fine in the dark."

sláinte - to your health!


Dumdad said...

It looks like you all had a great time.

P.S. I loved the Joseph Campbell quote and the pictures of the cats in France.

P.P.S. I see from your profile your star sign is Cancer, the same as mine. So, happy birthday!

Unknown said...

sounds wonderful!!

msb said...

I love a party.

L.M.Noonan said...

Your friends will love NZ's north island, you should visit if you can