Monday, July 30, 2007


So you've got thirteen 10s and you take away seven
And that leaves five ... well, six, actually.
But the idea is the important thing.
-Tom Lehrer "New Math"

either the sign maker was a victim, I mean student, of the new math movement or perhaps just doesn't know what year it is.

according to my research (15 minutes with google) there are eleven states which have towns named friendship. I like signs which include the population of the town, but I always wonder how often do they update the number. also, according to my research, friendship, oklahoma appears to win the award for having the smallest town named friendship - in 2003 it boosted 16 inhabitants. to satisfy those curious minds needing to know friendships can be found in: arkansas, indiana, maine, maryland, michigan, new york, ohio, oklahoma, tennesee, texas, and wisconsin.

pictures: top-lakewood, ohio; bottom-friendship, arkansas. 2007


Dan said...

How friendly can it be if there are only 16 people?? Maybe ... um ... they're a bit too friendly with outsiders, if you know what I mean?

msb said...

great slice o' life. maybe they just haven't gotten around to changing the numbers. Sometimes people are just sLOOOOwwwwwww. :+}

Gerald (SK14) said...

OK 2007-1925=82 but that does mean the church is in its 83rd year, just as the 2000s are the 21st century, so it isn't as wrong as you think it is.

Unknown said...

I was taught both new math and phonics. amazingly, I can both add and read. I'm also a Tom Lehrer junkie, so I had to be pleased. And my favorite line in that song is:

And you know why four plus minus one/Plus ten is fourteen minus one?/'Cause addition is commutative, right?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

dan - methinks you might have a diabolical mind, if I catch your drift ;)

i don't know hyde not matter how I try I can only accept 82! (sign actually was saying goodbye to the school across the street which had been demolished) it served the community from 1925 to 2007 - 82 years!

lehrer is a genius!! tis amazing that we survived and thrived in spite of new math and phonics - during h.s. I was also subject to the 'open classroom' movement - not the wisest move to introduce the idea on a high school population who up to that point only had experienced a traditional classroom structure - needles to say, after 2 years they abandoned it!

thanks for the comments and 'hyde dp' welcome to the mouse!