Thursday, July 5, 2007

munks in the hood

I am a total sucker for cute little rodents and it's been a good year for chipmunks in the hood. here at home we have at least two 'resident' chipmunks - one lives under the front porch and one in the backyard (I can't quite figure out exactly where the backyard chipmunk's nest is). I sure hope I'm not contributing to chipmunk obesity by feeding the front chippy pizza crusts and cheerios; the backyard chipmunk has successfully mastered climbing up the birdfeeder so s/he doesn't get the extra treats. now that it's summer the neighborhood hawk has gone to other hunting grounds and gwen is back from her fortnight foray into feral feline-ness and a cat food diet it's just one big peaceable kingdom around here.

if I locate my animal totem book I will have to look up what 'chipmunk medicine' means, stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

great!!! a pal for my squirrel.

Anonymous said...

i think i have the totem book