Monday, July 16, 2007

monkey traps

the comic strip funky winkerbean recently used the concept of “a monkey trap” in its on-going story-line of lisa's battle with breast cancer. I found that ‘the monkey trap’ is also perfect metaphor to explain mr. bush’s war in iraq.

there is a kind of monkey trap used in asia. a coconut is hollowed out and attached by a rope to a tree or stake. a small slit is made at the bottom of the coconut and a sweet enticing food is placed inside. the slit is just big enough for the monkey to slide in his open hand, but does not allow for a closed fist to pass out. the monkey discovers the alluring treats, reaches in with his hand to grasp the food but is then unable to withdraw the hand. a clenched fist won't pass through the opening. there is nothing except the force of the monkey's attachment to the promise of a sweet treat that is keeping the monkey trapped. all the monkey has to do is open the hand to be free. but attachment to an idea is a strong force - it is a rare monkey which lets go.

as in the case of the trapped monkey, desire, greed, and stubbornness keep us trapped in iraq. for bush and his cabal of special interests, iraq has long been an enticing reserve of what they desire most - oil and the promise of increased wealth for their selected interests. as I think about the situation in iraq, I find bush isn't the only monkey stuck in a trap. when the u.s. invaded iraq , the bush administration constructed its own trap, they took advantage of the climate of fear that had permeated our country in the wake of the 9-11 attacks. the administration fanned the flames of fear to sell its war and it buttressed this fear with a pack of lies - lies ranging from iraq having a stockpile of 'weapons of mass destruction' to iraq's complicity in 9-11.

considering the ever increasing cost of the iraq war and occupation -costs in terms of human life and scarce and needed resources - it is long past time that the monkeys are freed from the traps. peace will come when hands and hearts are opened and attachment to 'a promise' is let go.


Colette Amelia said...

Bravo! Awesome! I think this is a testament to the American people. For the World seems to meld the policies of Bush and cronies with the people. The world seems to think that it is the American people who started this war and use their power to control other country's systems.

The world needs to seperate the Government from the people for all of us citizens are really citizens of the World who are more alike than we imagine.

Anonymous said...

thank you.

L.M.Noonan said...

It's funny how we...the collective we; have become so much more conservative when it comes to voicing our opinions. Perhaps we are afraid of being bashed, investigated, spammed or incarcerated without a fair trial. Dick Smith is an Australian who has used his money and influence to finally get David Hicks back home. Unfortunately he's pobably having a terrible time at the hands of the local criminals who will use patriotism as an excuse for violence.
Any comment about the present Roman Emporor by a persona non grata is seen as a slight against the Empire. hence we keep our traps shut.

Unknown said...

I recently heard an interview with a Russian who compared post September 11 journalism in Canada (probably the same in the u.s.) to old Soviet journalism. The same reporting style is used. Some of the phrasing seems to be translated from the original Russian.

If you criticised the "Leadership" you were anti-soviet/anti-american. The same sentiment seems to carry on today.

Criticise the war in Iraq and you are subversive. You need to be investigated and questioned with the good old rubber hose.

Anonymous said...

Perfect, Kim. Next, if you haven't yet, please buy and read Al Gore's THE ASSAULT ON REASON. Had he thought to use the "monkey trap" analogy, he would have, for his treatise is based on just this mental kind of trap. He excoriates the Bush administration by showing how the brain reacts to fear, misdirection, and repetition. You'll love it.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks everyone for your comments, if only...caralee, haven't read gore's book but be assured I'm heading over to the library website asap and putting it on hold!