Thursday, July 19, 2007

goddess cat & goddess wisdom

fortunately when ms t and I left the house this morning I prepared for the entire day and not just our morning activities. after the library we had a 'date' to go to the zoo with a couple friends, so of course, I packed up my camera.

it was fortuitous that I did otherwise I would have missed capturing the store cat I've been 'stalking' for quite a while. I have a weakness for animals who live in shops and I love the discovery of finding one in a window. there is a store cat which lives in the 'goddess shop' on the corner of my street; I have walked by this store thousands of times, but if the cat is in the window, I don't have my camera and when I have my camera the cat is not in the window. today cat and camera were both present and what a nice present - and a lovely bit of synchronicity!

since the shop the cat protects is a 'goddess shop' I thought I'd share the 'goddess wisdom' from a little 'wisdom book' a good friend who now lives way too far away from me sent to help celebrate the day. thank you gig for the wonderful box of delights containing this beautiful little book!

Goddess Wisdom
Follow your dreams
Honor your self
Face your fears
Let go of worry
Nurture Creative spirit
Express your feelings
Enjoy your life!

good advice and mighty good mouse medicine!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

great thoughts. what a wonderful picture, the softness and the colors are smoothing my frazzled nerves.

Colette Amelia said...

lovely image, lovely words!

iBlowfish said...

I like the narrative of your post. But the cat looks sleepy, good catch.

msb said...

I feel so good when I drop by your blog. Beautiful picture. great words.