Friday, July 13, 2007

clues to the mystery

Stacks of snapshots are like treasure chests overflowing with valuable gems, clues to the deeper mystery of who we are.
-author unknown

too much work to catch up on today so can't write a 'proper' post. instead I thought I'd share a bonne idée. the picture of this good idea was taken at my sister-in-law mary's house. mary is another family history buff and I enjoyed how she displayed some of her collection of old photos.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way of sharing photos and family items. Thanks for the inspiration!

msb said...

I love the way the photos are dislayed. An intriging step out of the box.

Larry Lehmer said...

Great idea. Intriguing photos lead to inspired questions seeking the stories behind them. With that combination, you have a powerful family legacy to connect generations. -- Larry Lehmer, personal historian,