Tuesday, June 12, 2007

rise up cleveland!

little did I realize this morning when I headed downtown that I would be entering the land of cav-mania! as I emerged from the underground train station at public square I thought perhaps I entered the twilight zone and ended up in manhattan instead of cleveland- there were people everywhere and the air was charged with a type of energy and excitement not often found on cleveland's streets on a workday. I soon encountered a gaggle of 'men in suits' sporting badges, don't know if they were 'the press' or 'nba officials' but I realized this was not a typical tuesday morning! the city obviously had a huge case of cavalier fever. tonight is game #3 of the nba finals. although I'm not a big sports fan, when your home team has made it this far it is easy to get swept up in the excitement! let's hope that some of the cavalier fever which has infected the area will spur the cavs on to victory. maybe this 'fever' will spill over and infect a renaissance in city pride and get translated into furthering efforts to improve our schools, help urban neighborhoods, enhance job-training programs and employment opportunities and ultimately bring people back to the region! cleveland rocks and maybe with hometown pride and a bit of national attention we will rise up!


iBlowfish said...

Wow, This is excellent pictures in your slide and I really like them. You know what, you should start your on daily photoblog about Cleveland. I believe it'll be interesting. I was only got few minutes from work yesterday in pep rally. I didn't shoot that many pictures. Go Cavs!

Colette Amelia said...

Hey it seems that the world over has the same problems, our fair city as well could use the enthusiasm, job creation, improved facilities and some community building.

I have prayer flags in my garden! So it also seems that the good things in life are throughout the world as well