Friday, June 22, 2007

possibilities and necessities

"(H)istory, like nature, does not move in a linear is characterized by long periods of time when, on the surface, little seems to be changing. Then all of a sudden, big changes can happen, much more quickly than anyone thought possible."

so begins an article by ted glick on the threat the world faces in terms of climate change. glick goes on to make a compelling case that unless we the people start doing something about this problem we're going to hell in a handbasket sooner than we think! of course ted didn't say it like that but the scenario presented shows where the road we are traveling on goes, we better change course or else .... and there's no time to wait, we need to make the change NOW!

we've been hearing about global warming quite a bit of late. a positive sign, yes, but the skeptic in me wonders if anything will come from this current round of situational media attention. I agree with glick when he states that what we need is a "massive, grassroots popular movement the likes of which the world has never seen...which forces the governments of the world to enact a justice-based, clean energy revolution." perhaps the events glick mentions along with the 'live earth' concerts scheduled for 7-7-07 (in venues all over the globe) are signs of the stirrings of a new mass movement. will the 'live earth' event rock the world as it hopes to do & raise awareness regarding the peril our earth is in? I certainly hope so, anything and everything to stimulate people to think differently, make serious changes, and change the road we are on.

one of this morning's big news stories was that the u.s. senate passed a 'controversial' energy bill last night. one aspect of the bill will require an improvement of miles per gallon to 35 mpg by 2020 for automobiles. I don't know about you, but going from 25 mpg (the current requirement which was enacted in 1975, I believe) to 35 mpg over a period of thirteen years doesn't sound very earth-shattering; especially considering that the technology currently exists to achieve a much better fuel efficiency standards than 35 mpg (and while I'm mentioning fuel efficiency, who killed the electric car?) the way the media and the politicians have been discussing this latest energy 'victory' one would have thought the senate just slew the fossil fuel dragon or at least seriously injured it. yes, a step in the right direction, but only a baby step.

so there you have a few of my thoughts on this first full day of SUMMER when even without the 'aid' of global warming the days are heating up. speaking of heat, how many folks know that it was on june 22nd 1969 that the cuyahoga river caught on fire in cleveland. this fire was caused by the build up of industrial pollutants (most of which were volatile petroleum derivatives) due to years of human thoughtlessness, corporate greed, and lack of stewardship regarding our earth. the fire is attributed to have stimulated the environmental movement of the 1970s and helped call attention to the problem of pollution which lead to the enactment of the clean water act.

p.s. the title for today's post comes from the slogan for of the upcoming u.s. social forum conference/event which glick mentions in his article:
"Another World Is Possible. Another U.S. Is Necessary"

picture: picture taken at the 2005 Burning River Fest. this is the fireboat which battled the blaze on the cuyahoga river in 1969. this year the annual burning river fest will be taking place on august 11th click here for info on the 2007 event
if you're in cleveland on august 11th be sure to check it out - besides raising your environmental IQ, the event promises great music, fantastic microbrews (it is afterall partly sponsored by the great lakes brewers), yummy food, and just an all round good time!


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