Tuesday, June 12, 2007

paris, je t'aime!

last night the movie buds went to see paris, je t'aime. I've been waiting for this film to come to the u.s. for almost a year. last summer my sister sent a glowing review of it after she saw it in paris (her current 'hometown'). it's been a long wait and definitely worth it. in early may I read in the times that the film officially opened in the u.s. I immediately went to the cedar-lee website to see if it was on the schedule - it wasn't! next step I fired off an email to the 'contact us' address requesting that they bring it to cleveland! now I don't know if my email did the trick - the magical thinking part of me says 'maybe.' if cedar-lee did respond to this patron's request - thank you! if not, thanks any way for bringing the film to cleveland - I know life is busy, but you guys should really respond to emails your patrons send!

the film in case you haven't heard about it is a wondrous homage to the glorious city of lights. the film is composed of eighteen segments - each segment takes place in one of the twenty arrondissements that make up 'the snail' we know as paris (I don't know what happened to the missing 2 arrondissements, maybe when it's released in dvd format they will be added! you can beat your butin I'll be ordering a dvd as soon as its available.) it features an incredibly eclectic cast of french, british and american actors and the list of writers and directors is like the international indy all-stars - directors include: alfonso cuaron, gus van sant, the coen brothers, and nobuhiro suwa to name just a few. the vignettes were all marvelous - I can honestly say there wasn't one I didn't enjoy; the emotional range of the stories (and yes even though they were only each about 5 minutes in length they were stories) was much broader than I expected. we laughed, we wept, we sat on the edge of our seats!

based on the previews for current and up-coming films I think we're going to be making several cinematographic trips to paris this summer. the next film set in paris I am eager to see is la vie en rose about the extraordinary life of edith piaf - gosh, watching the trailer gave us goosebumps and made my eyes misty! we also saw a preview for angel-a which looks so bizarre we have to check it out - bizarre in a breath-takingly-beautiful- but 'odd' black and white sort of way. the preview was tremendously atmospheric and reminiscent of those captivating b&w art prints and postcards of paris landmarks and paris lovers (& cats) so even if the movie is a dud, I expect it will be a visual feast. alas, ma soeur is moving from paris in a couple weeks and I expect most of my trips to this glorious city are going to be virtual - but I do admit I am quite psyched about the next place she's going to live and have already begun my 'photo safari' fund - although given how much airfare is between the states and africa it might be a couple/few years before I get there.


Colette Amelia said...

OK I am jealous. We are being held hostage by the corporation, blockbuster/sony. At one time we had about 3 different cinemas, now due to merging and efficiency we have Famous Players which means that all six screens screen hollywood crap...you know the ones that have the same old same old, car chase, sex scene, violence, foul language, bombs, violent sex, teen idols, but no story and all this for $11.

In the fall the Community College has the "other kinds of Movies" on friday and saturday evenings and I think it is time for a season's pass again.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

the film scene in cleveland was such a surprise when we moved here and I'm totally spoiled. it's disgusting how the megaplexes have killed indy art houses. thank goodness you have a community college who is looking out for people who appreciate 'real film' and offer stuff that matters! shit $11 for a ticket - that is obscene- my movie buds go on mondays it's $5 bucks and free popcorn! yeah, yeah spoiled ROTTEN (but then again I don't live in british columbia... now I'm jealous!)

Ms. Mamma said...

I want to see it!