Friday, May 4, 2007

politics as usual??

last night was the first of the republican candidates debate - darn I missed it. however, after skimming today's paper and listening to the npr morning edition report, it sounds as if I didn't miss much. seems that all of the candidates got into channeling the spirit of ronald reagan (yeah, such a great leader - great if one is into revisionist history making! so what about iran-contra and the reagan administration illegally selling arms? oh, nevermind, that's just business as usual! and then of course there's the reagan administration campaign against the environment - anyone remember james watt? I could go on but it's too depressing!) in addition to paying homage to ronnie it sounds as if all the republican candidates formed a circle to beat the drums of war.

moving away from thinking about the current slate of the republican presidential candidates - gosh, it's enough to give me angina and make my blood pressure rise! I'd like to use today's post to give kudos to local pundit dick feagler.

on wednesday feagler, a plain dealer columnist, tried to set some of his colleagues straight and confronted them about their terrible treatment of dennis kucinich. in addition to barely covering the story of dennis bringing articles of impeachement against dick cheney, the editors ridiculed dennis mercilessly in an op-ed piece.

feagler doesn't support dennis' campaign to impeach the v.p. even though he believes that there is cause. feagler believes moving on impeachment will have the consequences of tying congress up when what the congress should be doing now is getting us out of iraq NOW.

he makes a good point.

excerpt from column (link above):

War is merely politics if you haven't got a kid in the fight. The political sham going on in Congress this week should make us all ashamed. A bill goes up to the White House, there's a presidential veto, and then everybody swirls around to try to fashion an agreement while many more kids are killed.

Dennis doesn't like this. And we're going to make fun of Dennis?

I don't see it. No, he won't be president. Hasn't got a chance.

But I'm damned glad he's shooting his mouth off.

That's what he's there for. And I'm glad he's there.

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Anonymous said...

We watched the debates last night of the Reds. Your assessment is right on the mark, even without seeing it. But MSNBC does run reruns so you should check it out for yourself. And Kucinich is right to go after Cheney before Bush..good tactic. Too bad he cant get enough support and backers. But his heart is in the right place. One interesting guy last night was the Texan Dr. Said a lot of stuff that made a lot of support for him either. Can you believe it's already Bill Maher night again? How fast the weeks run together. See you tomorrow. Looking forward to it. oxoxoP