Monday, May 7, 2007

back 'home'

for the last couple days my husband I have been visiting family and friends in the metro dc area. although I haven't lived here for almost 35 years and when I did live here I only lived here for 7 years, the fact my folks live here make the area a place I feel so connected to I often consider it by the lofty name of 'home.' unfortunately, I can't imagine ever living here -- the area seems too frenetic, too expensive, too car-dependent, and has too many things/issues that get prefaced with 'too' to suit my disposition. what's that saying: 'a great place to visit, but .....'

today was as the day to play tourist. we couldn't have asked for a better day - great weather, no crowds, no travel snags. but no sightings of the queen and for some reason we weren't invited to tonight's white tie state dinner - go figure! we picked two destinations: the national museum of the american indian and the national building museum....perhaps pics to come once I'm back home home of some dc highlights.

the visit has been great and in terms of the reason for coming it has been wonderful to see my folks and report that they look great and are doing well! always a BIG WHEW when parents are getting 'up there.' perhaps more musings later, not used to posting at night, alas a blogger of habit.

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