Monday, April 16, 2007

a need to act now!

I've noticed recently a day doesn't seem to pass without encountering some mention of the threat presented by climate change and the need for immediate action. you know things must be really dire if retired u.s. generals are coming out and stating that global warming must be stopped as it presents a 'threat to national security' (npr morning edition, 16 april 2007).

step it up 2007 sponsored events on saturday to draw attention to the growing crisis of global warming. the response by communities around the country was phenomenal, almost 1400 events took place in all 50 states. in cleveland the primary event took place at edgewater park. despite gray skies and colder temperatures than expected the event was well attended. over 100 people showed up to listen to speakers and share the mike. the open mike format turned out to be a delightful mix of community updates, practical suggestions for how we can make individual changes, and MUSIC. one goal of the step it up events is to call on congress to pass measures to develop plans for reducing CO2 levels by 80% by the year 2050. but, reductions must start now - let's hope the politicians are listening! as a planet we can't wait for the slow response of political bureaucracies we must act now - and on all levels individual, regional, national and global!

jerry maddox wrote and debuted the following anthem to stop global warming at the edgewater event.

to the tune of beethoven's 'ode to joy'

Save the earth, protect the future for mankind and progeny
Set the stage for generations sharing nature easily.
Life is sacred, we believe it, as we act responsibly.
Join the march to 80-50 and on to eternity.

Let's list forms of conservation -we will have to sacrifice
God made day and it was good, but for us, turn out the lights!
Population, propagation, and production endlessly,
Power sour glenn and bower. Best results, we're not so free.

CO2 and H2S leave the earth in quite a mess
Anoxia, anaerobic organisms at their best.
In steps chemocline, in balance, to the rescue for the now.
By the end, its mass extinction. Life as we know it, take a bow!

12-step programs have abounded, shop-a-holics, endless be.
Let's feel good, buy mass selection; addicts to the shopping spree.
Too much, too fast, too smart, too dumb, we all love to cut and run--
To the store for more, more, more, more; Oversized children, LET'S HAVE FUN!

We are into this together, rain falls on the good and bad.
Congress follows our example. Better step forward 'fore we're had.
Telephone and internet, spread the word both far and wide,
80--50, 80--50, 80--50. CURB THE TIDE!!

jerry is the accordion player in the slide show above - he gave me permission to share his marvelous song - if anyone wants to contact jerry, send me a comment and I will pass it along to him.

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