Monday, April 30, 2007

spell it out

on saturday people all around the nation took to the streets, parks, and beaches to spell it out - IMPEACH! according to cleveland's gathering of well over a hundred folks was just one of more than 125 different events. for an hour and a half folks spelled it out along the main thoroughfare in cleveland's artsy and funky tremont neighborhood. as we stood there with placards raised, cars honked and passersby gave the thumbs-up in support to the call. yes, there were two or three drivers who used a different finger and hollered 'go bush' to let the group know where they stood - but without these folks could we have really considered our action a success?

last week cleveland's congressman dennis kucinich took the brave and bold step to bring three articles of impeachment again v.p. dick cheney. for six years the vice president and president have repeatedly lied to the american people and the world - the lies regarding iraq (leading to our invasion of the country and the deaths of at least 3350 u.s. soldiers and countless others) are just part of the 'high crimes and misdemeanors' of the bush administration. unfortunately, other members of congress are unwilling to take kucinich's call for impeachment seriously. but let's hope that soon this will change - congress is supposed to represent the people - the people are calling - now will they listen and step up to do the right thing!
it is a strange country where during the clinton administration there was a large congressional bandwagon to impeach the president for perjuring himself during an investigation of personal conduct; but today, in the halls of government we find only a one-man band regarding the actions of an administration who repeatedly is screwing the country!

elsewhere: spelling it out is even more creative! in san francisco on saturday over 1500 people stood together and spelled it OUT!

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