Tuesday, April 24, 2007

maher moment

my maher moment from the april 20th show centers on bill maher’s chat with bill moyers. moyers is someone I consider ONE OF THE BRIGHTEST BULBS ON THE TREE. he's also one of the best things to ever come out of texas. okay, I know moyers was born in oklahoma, but he was raised and educated in texas - geez, he acted as LBJ’s informal chief of staff. his first break as a reporter was with the marshall news messenger when he was a mere cub of 16! moyers is on the circuit promoting his new pbs show which will debut tomorrow night (april 25th - go to pbs.com to find the time for your local broadcast). knowing the caliber of moyers’ work and intellect I expect “Bill Moyers’ Journal” will become one of my ‘must see’ tv shows!

back to my maher moment, maher began his interview by stating that he watched the first episode of moyers new show and appreciated its focus on the role the media played in advancing the war. the following is my completely unofficial transcript:

Maher: I just came across the headline “Training of Iraqi Troops No Longer Driving Force in U.S Policy” for years we’ve been hearing from the Bush administration that the cornerstone of the Iraq policy is “We’ll stand down, when they stand up.” And now today the administration has given up on this policy. I did not encounter the media broadcast anything about this story, instead it chose to replay a phone conversation Alec Baldwin had with his daughter.

Moyers: When I saw that, Bill, and when I read that story, I thought how many Americans is this president willing to sacrifice on the altar of his ego? Because what he is saying is 'Step aside Iraqis and let our guys die' - if you can’t train Iraqis to be good soldiers, you can’t teach them to be good citizens. He’s giving up on democracy at the same time he’s giving up on having Iraqis to do what American boys are doing… We’re entering the fifth year of this war and the press has never come to grips with its complicity in helping this administration market a war that’s based all on false pretenses.

Maher: How do we change that?

Moyers: It bothers me, as it does a lot of others, that we can be really upset about the carnage in Virginia and we should be, but we seem so indifferent to the carnage in Iraq. And the fact of the matter is until there are more Cindy Sheehans getting out and saying ‘my son should not go and die in Iraq for the reasons that are being offered,” we’re not going to do anything about it. Our soldiers have been fighting in Iraq longer than it took our soldiers to beat the Nazis in WWII. The abominable thing is this decision he is making to say we’re not going to train you, it means perpetuating a war that is already hopeless and pouring more and more American troops into a bottomless pit.

Maher: Harry Reed is considered a jerk because he said the war is lost. My question is who is the jerk? The guy who points out the bad situation? Or the guy who caused the bad situation and is sustaining it?

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