Friday, April 20, 2007

a lament & a song

A lament in one ear, maybe, but always a song in the other.
-Sean O'Casey, Irish playwright and writer (1880-1964)

o'casey's remark is perhaps my most oft repeated affirmation and is in the forefront of my mind this morning. the first thing I heard when I switched on the radio was an announcement that today is a national day of mourning and the governor of virginia is requesting a moment of silence at noon for the thirty-three people who died tragically in blacksburg, virginia. however, death and loss was on my mind even before I turned on the radio as I awoke and began to plan my day. last night I wrapped up the work on the 'it takes a village' quilt. the next project on my list is to resume work on the series of 'healing quilts' I'm making. the next quilt in the group will be for richard's mother. coincidentally today is the one-year anniversary of richard's death, this man I only know because of his death. for the next month richard will once again become a presence in my life as I cut up and piece together bits of his clothes and create what I hope will be a covering that brings comfort. I know this may sound strange, but I hope that the energy and thoughts I put into this quilt will somehow reach outwards and upwards - especially today - anniversaries are always the hardest for those left behind.

however, in the spirit of o'casey's counsel, the lament over death is balanced by the songs of life being sung. a song of sweet perfection and beauty is taking place - for that was the type of day that graced yesterday -- and looking out the window will be the type of day that graces today. spring has returned to cleveland! last week's snow and cold are now just a hazy memory. it is lovely to be part of the song of spring bursting forth!

picture: limerick, ireland - may 2001


jenclair said...

I love this quote. I love the idea of your healing quilts, too, kimy. Thanks for a "healing" post.

kimy said...

you are welcome & happy to share sean's words of wisdom!