Wednesday, April 11, 2007

aerosol art

some aerosol art from barcelona.

graffiti has fascinated me since I first encountered the 'f' work scrawled on a park bench when I was in third grade. I had no idea what this odd looking word meant and couldn't wait to get home and test my new word out on my mother. my mom wasn't too pleased with my new acquisition and she chastised me to NEVER use that word as it was a BAD word. it took a few years before I actually learned what the word meant. in the 40 plus years between when I discovered the 'f' word and now, the 'f' word has become so ubiquitous in popular speech and culture its power as an obscenity is greatly diminished. okay, I confess, on occasion I find my speech is peppered with it - and my mother still hates the word - sorry mom!!

as an adult, I've been more interested in the myriad of styles and messages that graffiti artists employ than in using the medium as a means to add new words to my vocabulary. when traveling I'm always on the lookout for street art and enjoy the discovery of both the uniqueness and the universality of the artists' expressions.

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