Tuesday, April 3, 2007

frog moon

last night walking to the car after a great monday movie outing* we were bathed in the light of a full moon. on nights where every detail of the moon is almost palpable, it is easy to understand why the moon is such a mesmerizing figure. lunaphiles know there are many names for the full moon for any given month.

several years ago a friend gave me a copy of when the moon is full, a beautiful children's book, written by penny pollock and illustrated by mary azarian. the book soon became a favorite and an odd type of reference book when I can't remember the name of the month's moon. last night was one of those times, when I got home I pulled out my moon book and learned that 'frog moon' is one of the names for april's moon. it was nice to turn in with thoughts of spring peepers and the image of a bright shining frog moon smiling down on me!

*on mondays a couple local theaters offer discounts; I'm blessed with a few friends who enjoy movies as much as I do and we try and take advantage of the savings and schedule a movie night for monday evenings. last night we went to see "the lives of others" - a german film which last year won a number of international film awards. the movie is set in the mid-1980s, a few years before the fall of the wall. on the surface the movie concerns the invasiveness of the east german stasi in the lives of who they consider suspicious citizens (eg just about everyone), in addition to being an atypical 'political thriller,' the film is a sensitive exploration of human emotions and what it means to be a 'good' or 'true' human being. the film offers exquisitely crafted characters and a tight, intricate plot which I found somehow both tense and assuring. "the lives of others" a wonderful movie, worthy of all it's awards and more - in my book it receives the highest award of "it is not to be missed."

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