Monday, April 9, 2007

frog crossing

while looking through some archived pictures I ran across this picture I took last june of the frog bridge in willimantic, connecticut (aka, thread city). since this is the month of the 'frog moon' a 'frog bridge' is a fitting addition to this month's posts. as I gaze out the window at the foot of snow blanketing the yard, we could use a little a springtime frog magic!

in the days before the great outsourcing of us manufacturing the 'american thread company' (atc) had a mill on the banks of the willimantic river providing willimantic with it's interesting moniker. at one time, atc was one of the largest suppliers of thread in the world and was once the largest employer for the state. in 1985 the company closed it's doors forever and thread manufacturing which had flourished in willimantic for over one hundred years was no longer.

so what's with the frogs? the frogs adorning the bridge commemorate a local legend of an infamous 'frog fight.' the story goes that one night in the mid 1750s the townsfolk awoke to terrible screeching, they grabbed their muskets and ran outside to defend themselves from an unseen menace. at the light of day, they only discovered scores of dead frogs - frogs apparently fought to their death for the last remaining puddles of water in a drought-stricken area.

if you find yourself traveling through central connecticut, willimantic is a nice town to visit. in willimantic you will find the windham textile and history museum which is dedicated to interpreting the history of the american textile industry. and if you're in town on the fourth of july you can enjoy another bit of americana - the town's annual boombox parade!

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