Thursday, April 5, 2007

the complete folksinger

a petition drive is underway to recognize pete seeger's lifelong work as an ambassador for peace and social justice by encouraging the American Friends Service Committee to nominate him for the 2008 nobel peace prize. for over sixty years, pete's infectious voice and bouncing banjo have been the soundtrack for most of the causes we hold dear - peace, the environment, the rights of children, working men and women, international solidarity, and living lives of kindness and compassion.

not only has pete provided a soundtrack for our causes, but many of us have relied on pete's recorded folksongs to assist in raising our children (and grandchildren). for the last thirty years I have used pete's recordings to offer simple yet profound messages to the children in my life - the importance and pleasure of caring for each other, treating the earth with respect, having fun, and so on and so forth.

although the following anthem dealt with viet nam, the words and sentiments are completely applicable to our current situation in iraq. at 87 years young, pete is no longer able to sing out like he once did, but he is still speaking out for peace. please help support the nomination of pete for the 2008 nobel prize by clicking here

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