Friday, March 30, 2007


amazing how fast things happen when serendipity is at work - or maybe it's the universe lining up for the a JUST CAUSE! on tuesday casual posted a comment about a nationwide action april 28th to get folks on the streets, in parks, on beaches, well about everywhere & anywhere, to call for the impeachment of bush/cheney. I sent an email to a peace listserve I'm on, in short time I received an email about a local impeach bush party that's in the works for april 28th.

this event was initially to take place in march, but stuff happened, the organizers had to reschedule and picked april 28th as it was the first date the venue had available. this is where I thought the universe must be smiling on the cause!

now the initial party has GROWN to include a pre-party rally, march and bit of street theatre. if you're in cleveland april 28th head down to lincoln park at 5 and take part in trying to take back our country! for more information on the cleveland event click here for events elsewhere click here

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Causal said...

Well, on April 28th, there will be impeachment protests in towns and cities all over the country. And everywhere people will be using signs, their bodies, chalk, or anything else they can think of to spell out IMPEACH! Several cities have actions planned already, but we invite everybody to start thinking about the most creative, spectacular, beautiful, and clever ways they can come up with to spell it out. This is a spin-off of the BeachImpeach project on the shores of San Francisco where over 1,100 people spelled out "Impeach!" Find out what is going on in your town, or start your own project. Be a part of history and this media grabbing call to defend our Constitution through impeachment.

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