Thursday, March 15, 2007

post from PARIS

it's after midnight on friday (paris time) essentially I've been up since wednesday morning (or wed. afternoon paris time) and despite my need to sleep I thought I'd post a quick blog as who knows what tomorrow morning will bring. I don't seem to possess the ability to sleep on planes anymore and once we got into this marvelous, gorgeous city, my adreneline kicked in and the desire for sleep went elsewhere - too much to see, too much to do! before I tuck in, hopefully for a nice long sleep, I thought I'd post my first greeting from paris.

getting out of cleveland was a bit sketchy with turmulant and nasty weather delaying our departure and making for a bumping ride to detroit - despite leaving detroit 30 or 40 minutes late, the winds were with us and we arrived at CDG 40 minutes ahead of schedule. my sister met us at the arc de triomphe and we walked from the arc to annie's house (about a mile or so) in the sun of a beautiful young spring day! this little walk seemed to rejuvenate my energy and renewed my dormant desire for this enchanting city. I truly am a city mouse. I spent the afternoon reacquainting myself to the streets and familiar landmarks of the 17th & 8th arrondissements (my 'home away from home' here in paris) and learning some new routes. the most important is the route to my nephew's school, next week I'll be 'in charge' of delivery and pick-up of my nephew to his school while my sister and her husband are off on a much needed and deserved 'romantic getaway' (altho I'm sure it's me the "incurable whatever' adding the romantic getaway to their planned trip to prague).

spring is so much more along here than back at home in cleveland - which I understand actually is currently having a seasonal setback in the short time I've been gone (I understand there was some white stuff around today!!??! - SPRING in cleveland here today, gone tomorrow!) around me the flowers are coming out, there is a haze of green shimmering on the shrubs and trees, and nary a christmas decoration is in sight! there is so much I love here - the art, the architecture, the food, the people, the literature, the history (who was it that said france has so much history it could be a dozen countries - well maybe I, I think in my sleep deprived state, I may have adapted someone's quote about france having a rich history into this quite accurate 'remark' - one of my bookwomen can help on this!)

with this all said, I'm now really ready for sleep, but I did want to check in with 'the mouse' (yes, all that know me, know I am a bit compulsive), and register with those that will be 'checking in' our safe arrival.

DISCLAIMER: my blogger connection is all en francais so please pardon my typos and misspellings, I can't seem to be able to run spell check! maybe I'll figure that out tomorrow, but maybe not as I may be having too much fun to want to spend time on such a pursuit! my other problem for this late hour is I can't seem to be able to post pictures easily and quickly, I did want to put up a few winners from today! but instead of a few there's just a couple! c'est dommage!

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