Thursday, March 8, 2007

international women's day

I have always felt it ironic and tragic that even though the workers and women's movements of the united states are among the grandparents of today's international women's day - March 8th barely registers as a bleep on our cultural consciousness. although my cynical self doesn't find this total lack of recognition or commemoration surprising for the roots of the day are anchored in the fight for working conditions, social justice, gender equality, and PEACE.

since the late 20th century, the 'powers that be' in the united states have been working their darnedest to render all of these issues invisible. unfortunately examples of how as a nation we have turned our back on these issues abound. despite decades of struggle and advocacy by millions of women and men, the very direct (and brief) equal rights amendment is not included in our constitution. the united states is the only developed western country that does not have universal health coverage for its citizens and the current number of uninsured is almost 47 million an all-time high. we are also the only developed country that does not provide authentic family leave for new mothers and/or fathers. and goodness, don't even get me started on the what is going on in the department of advocating PEACE and approaching conflict through true diplomacy -- according to the current administration war is peace - politics in america right now is real Owellian themepark.

although at times I may feel cynical I will never feel hopeless. as I write this posting, I find strength in knowing that right now there's a group of women gathered in downtown cleveland who are holding a monthly silent vigil for peace. although I couldn't get down there to join them this morning, I am with them in spirit. my spirits are bolstered and my despair is lessened by knowing despite the lunacy of contemporary corporate and political america, there still exists people in my country who see the light and will always fight the fight!

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