Wednesday, March 14, 2007

counting down the hours...

wow, in a blink of an eye it went from counting down the weeks, then the days, to now the HOURS! if all goes according to schedule in just a few short hours, my daughter emma and I will be flying off for our springtime adventure. pinch me! in 24 hours I might just be sitting at a sidewalk cafe in paris soaking in the city's beauty and maybe even enjoying a bit of dejeuner!

just a few days ago I thought we'd be leaving in the midst of winter, but in another blink of an eye it went from winter to spring. the last couple days have been so mild and warm, tasha and I have been able to resume our long strolls to all our regular haunts. yesterday the local park was bustling with the level of activity generally seen on a warm summer day - jabbering toddlers keeping their 'big people' hopping on the playground, scores of teenagers shooting hoops, people with dogs everywhere and everyone with a smile and nod of happiness! the little store down the street replaced last weeks bags of salt for icy walks with racks of primroses, tulips, pansies and shamrocks. I couldn't resist loading up tasha's stroller with a few pots of pansies and once home the pansies were just the inspiration needed. now the house looks cheery with freshly ranked beds and a pot of those happy pansies on the steps. the only discordant item in this whole "spring is here" picture is the continuing presence of holiday decorations (and I'm not talking about st. patrick's day and easter decorations - although there are plenty of those about) I'm talking christmas decorations! please people, I mean seriously, it is the ides of march, we're just a few weeks away from passover and easter - isn't it about time to put away the candy canes walkway lights, santa and reindeer on the roof, cascading blinking lights, and the deflated snowmen and snowglobes littering your lawns. it sure would be nice to come home to more pots of flowers on steps and porches and an absence of 'it's looking a lot like christmas.' we'll see......but perhaps I best not hold my breath!

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