Tuesday, March 27, 2007

back to reality

returning home after an almost a complete news blackout, I find not much has changed... my fantasy that impeachment proceedings against cheney and bush getting underway didn't materialize! okay, yes, I admit I was victim to the kind of magical thinking that sometimes happens while I'm watching a uconn women's basketball game and find my huskies losing. this 'thinking' goes like: maybe if I leave the room uconn will come back, take control and win - the next thing I know I'm going in and out of the room while the game is on, psychically working to 'save' the game.

my going-on-vacation magical thinking went something like: okay, maybe if I leave the country, we'll get back on track, take control and win! zut! this didn't happen. impeachment proceedings haven't begun, we're still invading iraq, a pull-out isn't happening, our sons and daughters are still dying and suffering incredible physical and psychological trauma, there's still talk about 'taking action against' iran, and people are still feeling disenfranchised, disheartened, disgusted and depressed, and so on and so forth.

last night, my first night home, while I was sleeping, the uconn women's basketball team lost no final four appearance for them this year. maybe if I wasn't sleeping and instead I was watching the game, I could have helped the huskies. too late for that. but not too late to 'wake up' -- vacation is over, time to get back to reality and reengage. instead of magical thinking, perhaps I can work on applying the art of "magic is making things happen" and get back to doing what I can to promote peace, generate smiles, and create some beauty in our world. in other words, get back to the work on attaining the big things through small actions.

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Causal said...

Well, on April 28th, there will be impeachment protests in towns and cities all over the country. And everywhere people will be using signs, their bodies, chalk, or anything else they can think of to spell out IMPEACH! Several cities have actions planned already, but we invite everybody to start thinking about the most creative, spectacular, beautiful, and clever ways they can come up with to spell it out. This is a spin-off of the BeachImpeach project on the shores of San Francisco where over 1,100 people spelled out "Impeach!" Find out what is going on in your town, or start your own project. Be a part of history and this media grabbing call to defend our Constitution through impeachment.

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