Tuesday, March 13, 2007

act locally 5.13.07

yesterday I heard about a simple affirming activity for peace that each of us can make happen this year on mother's day. on may 13, head to a local park with friends and family, pick a spot and stand in peaceful silence for a while. inspired by Sharon Mehdi's delightful children's book "The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering" and by the 'mother' of mother's day Julia Ward Howe standing in the park for peace sounds like mighty good mouse medicine to me! Mehdi states that her book is "a little story about peace for anyone who thinks she can't save the world." through it's simple message of hope the story demonstrates to us that we can be the change in the world with the smallest of actions.

if you have five minutes sit back and relax, with the magic of the internet I found the following video of a group of women from ohio reading mehdi's story and asking us all to join together to save the world!

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