Monday, February 19, 2007

welcome to mouse medicine

choosing a name and an address for a blog is a somewhat formidable task - talk about pressure! in facing this task, I decided to fall back on one of my tried and true animal friends and totems....the noble and humble mouse. in concordance with many cultural traditions, I believe that if we go looking, we may find animals which are our life-guides or life-spirits - these animal guides or totems provide powerful lessons when we discover their 'presence' in our lives. in the course of my 50 plus years, I have had a number of animal guides - some have lasted for years, if not decades, others may have only been a friend who dropped in for a short visit with a lesson I needed to learn. one of the more enduring and dominant of my animal totems has been the mouse. like many significant things in my life the mouse as an animal totem first came to me in a dream.

when I took a leap 'off the grid' a few years ago and switched from being a 'wage slave' to being a 'starving artist,' I found magic in this longtime totem friend of mine and decided to house my artistic work under the rubric of the 'magical mouse studio.' when considering the spiritual & magical powers of animals, the mouse's primary lesson is "attention to detail." attention to detail is something I try to bring to my everyday life and something I would like to bring to my little corner of cyberspace.

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L.M.Noonan said...

I think perhaps the rabbit might be mine, although a curious hybrid creature I call the chicken-fox keeps popping up in my dreams. Welcome to life off the grid.