Tuesday, February 27, 2007

maher moment

as a somewhat regular viewer of 'real time with bill maher' a somewhat regular feature on mouse medicine will be of my favorite 'maher moment.' what you get isn't from the 'official transcript' of the show (if such a thing exists)- but from my jottings (see how graduate training in qualitative research methods can pay off)- hence, any mistakes in transcription/translation are clearly mine!

the 2/23 gem:
Hillary Clinton will never be president as long as women continue to act crazy. I know this is not fair, men don't have to answer everytime Mel Gibson gets drunk and starts channeling Adolf Hitler or Charlie Sheen hits a hooker over the head with another hooker. But the truth is there are too many misogynists out there just itching for any excuse to say women are too emotional and unstable to be president. You know how these guys think: 'women are ruled by their hormones' opposed to what presidents should be ruled by -- the oil and gas lobby. We know there are guys out there who believe women might get PMS and do something completely rash, say start a war with the wrong country.

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