Wednesday, February 21, 2007

bill's back

although I never can figure out the season for hbo's "real time with bill maher" I'm always pleased when I learn that new shows are starting up. even though I missed the first 15 minutes of the newest new show (which was unfortunate, I expect his 'live feed' with john edwards was entertaining and maybe even informative) the rest of the show did not disappoint. bill's irreverant nature and his ability to zing into the core of american politics and culture always amuses and often strikes a resonate chord and leaves me with the feeling of "I wish I could have put it that way!"

although the success of each show is most often determined by the 'chemistry' between bill and his guests, bill never disappoints when it comes time to wind down the broadcast with his 'new rules' and closing monologue. it was during this time that one highlight of the 2/16 show occurred. addressing the 'joe biden' fiasco (aka joe's recent case of foot-in-mouth disease) bill did that thing he does so well -- in other words, reveal the hypocrisy and disconnect of a situation with 'reality.' the media, political pundits and public really jumped on the biden-obama misspeaking thingy. but as maher so sharply pointed out: "If we're going to chose our presidents from the ones that don't misspeak, how did we end up with the one we have now?" (although I think he might actually said "how did we end up with the chimp we have now?"

despite biden's occasional 'speak before thinking' tendency, biden isn't completely out of touch - in fact, maher credited biden with the succinct and prophetic insight that the future of iraq most likely will result in the creation of 3 'new countries'- after all "Iraq is a made up country anyway, there's only been an Iraq since 1932 - its 7 years younger than Paul Newman"

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